V-neck Prom Dresses and V-neck Pumps

V-neck prom dresses are very popular, it perfect neck ratio, but if everybody love it then how to stand you out from crowed. The answer is a pair of matched v-neck pumps that favorite this season; it is elegant in vintage style.

v-neck prom dress and v-neck pumps

  KSP288/ KSP255/ KSP256

It is transfer from Glove shoes popular last season, Alexa Chung, Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller all wear this v-neck pumps; Besides that on Top shop Unique 2017, Stella McCartney 2017, CÉLINE 2016 fashion show v-neck pumps are the protagonist.

fashionistas wear v-neck pumps

v-neck pumps on fashion show

Wear v-neck pumps, you are the lordly and mysterious witch from medieval, and your legs will look longer than usual. With an empire waist prom dresses, you are the girl who has beautiful long legs on the prom party.

V-neck pumps with high waist prom dresses

KSP364/ KSP404


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How to Shop Prom Dresses by Body Shape

Style is entirely objective, more a collection of shape-related findings which should at least give you an idea of where to start when it comes to finding the prom dresses for you.

Chinese style Print Mermaid Prom Dresses

Chinese style Print Mermaid Prom Dresses



















Pear Body Shape

If you’re  ‘classic pear’, you will likely spend the majority of your clothes-wearing days trying to hide or slim-down your bottom and hip area.

white short prom dresses  with floral decoration bust

baby doll dress with empire waist red Aline Chiffon strapless prom dress






















Apple Body Shape

If you’re an apple, empire line and longer length tops prom dresses will flatter your figure. Go for low-ish necklines to draw the eye upwards. Wearing a slightly heavier shoe can help to anchor and balance your top half.

Long Chiffon Sweetheart Strapless Prom Dress Deep V-neck Sexy white long prom dress


















Hourglass Body Shape

If you’re hourglass style, you’re blessed with a very sexy shape so you need to learn not to drown it in too-baggy clothes but also not go too overtly sexy either – unless that’s the look you’re going for!

Pink One Shoulder Mermaid Prom Dresses with Embroidery Coco in black sheath long formal dresses





















Rectangle body Shape

If you have rectangle body shape, a structured prom dress that cinches in with a belt will make you look curvier. If you have small bust you can get away with tricky to wear high-necked tops.

Peplum Prom Dresses

Finding the right dress for you is all about making the most of the body part you love (it could be anything from your bum to your collarbone) and taking the attention away from the bits you’re not so keen on.

Choose perfect unique design prom dresses according your body shape from our website: Kissprom.co.uk