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What to Do if the Same Dresses Happen on the Prom Party

Uh-oh, there is someone who are walking to you wearing same prom dress as you; if you are beautiful than her, it’s no big deal, but if you don’t have confident, we should so something to solve this issues perfect when it happens to you.

the same dresses

First, like your dress as before, it is still beautiful (in fact it did for both of you like it); don’t let it ruin your night. Try to compliment the other girl with “Hey, we have same taste! We both awesome” or something similar; ask to pose for photo with the girl, upload it on Instagram or Facebook, that’s so cool!

the same dresses on the party

To me it’s really awkward, if I can, I will try to pretend not find it. If you feel embarrassed this twin-twin situation, do a bit of styling with the stuff you have at hand, change the shape of the dress by twist it, pin it up; Accessorize it with jewelry, belt ,scarf; and even wear T-shirt as underwear for the prom dresses, you will sparkle everybody on the party.

styling the same dresses


Upgrade Your Sexy With One Shoulder off

Last year off the shoulder create a lot of buzz of fashion world. This year one shoulder off dress is the one.

prom dress at kissprom

On 2017 fashion week show runway station, we can find one shoulder one, for example Vionnet,Saint Laurent,Isabel Marant, they all show their new one shoulder off clothes design. On 2017 fall/ winter fashion week one shoulder off design is the most popular element, it raise-up totally.

2017 spring and summer fashion week

2017 fall and winter fashion week

One Shoulder off goes viral these days, but in fact it is the back of classic. It was very popular on 1950. One shoulder off was designed on the dress at that time.

1950s one shoulder off dress

Asymmetric neckline one shoulder off can longer neck, perfect curve of shoulder, you will look more elegant and sexy.

asymmetric neckline one shoulder off

It is the easiest sexy school girls can hold; there are tons of ways to dress one shoulder off dress, and compare to reveal sexy, it is more advanced, it is the synonym of elegant sexy.

If you still feel one shoulder off is too revealing, then try to put a Tee inside; not only solve this problem but also fashion. Remember Tee should in bold color, or it will steal the show.

wear Tee inside one shoulder off dress

You are not sure if one shoulder off is your style, then find an off the shoulder style you bought last year, wear it like one shoulder off, and your money is also saved.

change off the shoulder into one shoulder off

One Shoulder off dress is the trends you can’t ignore, following it and choose one shoulder prom dresses for the prom party from now.

one shoulder off prom dresses


Top Five Dresses Color of This Summer

Everybody, Good morning! Good afternoon! Good night!

The days are getting hotter now, how awkward sweaty. Are you wearing your dresses now? We will talk about the top five fashion color trends of this summer dresses.

Turquoise   Azure blue, ocean blue and turquoise dresses have magic making people calm; wearing a long flowing turquoise dresses you can be a fashion blogger too.

turquoise color dress

White- elegance   Simple style prevail, white color everywhere; People prefer to wear white loose pants or white shoes. Of course a white long dresses, and white dress and beach are good match.

summer white dresses

 Red   Gules color dress in flowing material, bring youthful vigor like Sun, not hot on summer day.

red color dresses

Black-Classic Black   Black color is the color never wrong match color, from casual wear to formal occasion dresses,  black play important role to create women’s charming sexy.

black color dresses

Geometry pattern   No matter splice print, floral print or arrow print, every style are popular, you will cut your finger at the street style matching with pure color jewelry or shoes.

geometry print dresses

And same to our prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses:

prom dresses 2016


Gorgeous Quinceanera Dresses for Girls

Searching for the best but Cheap Quinceanera Dresses? Kissprom has a large variety of full Quinceanera dresses and gowns for 2015 and 2016. In our hearts; we know that quinceanera dress is more than just a big party. It is your moment, your passage not just into womanhood, but into a beautiful tradition of faith, independence and grace. When you go through quinceanera, you are a gem, a princess to the world for who you are inside and out. Our mission is to help you savor and feel spectacular in it, to give you a dress worthy of the responsibility and freedom you are taking on.

grey tulle quinceanera dress

sparkle bodice quinceanera dresses

Click for the KSP248/ KSP254

retro lace long mint quinceanera dress KSP272

Click for the Retro Lace Long Mint Quinceanera Dress

short quinceanera dresses

Click for the KSP237/ KSP326

retro ruffled princess quinceanera dresses

Click for the KSP105/ KSP117

cute black short quinceanera dress

Click for the Cute Black Lace Short Quinceanera Dress

Quinceanera is one of the most lavish and meaningful events in your life. Make the dress you wear special enough to match it. Choose a quinceanera dress from our collection and select the dress that will launch you into the next chapter of your life today.



Amazing Plus Size Prom Dresses Collection for Curvy Girls

Looking a gorgeous plus size prom dress to make a statement on prom night, and don’t want to break the bank, Kissprom has it all: long or mini prom dresses, high low style, lace details, jeweled embellishments, one shoulder and halter silhouettes; Free custom size and color options will flatter your skin and your curve body;

plus size prom dresses uk for curvy girls

It’s a plus size prom dress fit for a Disney princess! This sparkle blue, floor-length gown is perfect choice of Cinderella at the ball. Pair this one with glitter necklace and crown;

blue princess plus size prom dresses

Click for the Blue Princess plus Prom Dresses

This dainty cream plus size short dress features a sheer lace bodice that is so prom perfect!

short mini cream prom dresses for plus size curve girls

Click for the Cute Cream Lace Short Plus Prom Dress

The best thing about this plus size prom dress is that you can wear it again and again with the help of different jewelry and shoes for every special occasion. Every gal needs a little black dress in her wardrobe.

cute illusion neckline little black dress for plus size curve girls

Click for the Cute Sheer Lace Short Prom Dresses

Try this pastel pink prom dress; the empire waist is super flattering for plus size curve girls, so romantic look!

pastel pink empire plus size prom dress for curve girls

Click for the Sparkle Sequin Sweetheart Pink Plus Prom Dress UK

If you’re really tall (it is common plus size gals are), then shop a one-shoulder prom dress; The one strap cuts across chest, which will make you look narrower!

sparkle one shoulder plus size prom dresses uk

Click for the Lavender One Shoulder Cinched Plus Prom Dress UK

Super flattering double embellishment at the waist and a sweetheart neckline plus size prom dress will look good on almost any curvy girl.

Sparkle jeweled illusion sweetheart empire short plus size prom dresses uk

Click for the Blue Short Jeweled Illusion Plus Prom Dress UK

In this strapless embellishment short plus size prom dresses, you will really make a statement: Sweetheart neckline, cinched waist, lots of sparkle and jewels, and a skirt that has just the right amount of swish which are all the right ingredients for the perfect plus-size prom dress.

cute sparkle short pink plus size prom dresses uk

Click for the Pink Glitter Short Princess Plus Prom Dress UK

The goal of prom is to have fun, make memories and celebrate; They are so many plus size prom dresses for curve girls on with super affordable price; you don’t need to get trouble to find perfect plus size prom dresses.


Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Season

Lavender is not only a beautiful color but also symbolize the romance, Lavender will be never fade. Lavender bridesmaid dresses is good choice for every season wedding.

lavender bridesmaid dresses uk


Bridesmaids can choose the long lavender bridesmaid dresses or short. Beautiful flowers and shoes can be used.

long lavender sweetheart bridesmaid dresses uk

high heels and flowers for pairing lavender bridesmaid dresses

Click for the Long Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses KSP107

lavender short strapless bridesmaid dresses uk

high heels and flowers for pairing lavender bridesmaid dresses

Click for the Short Tulle Lavender Bridesmaid Gowns KSP326


In summer, short dress is a good choice. the bridesmaid can wear white high-heeled shoes. There will be a simple flower Bouquet or a small Flower Basket in her hand.

halter short lavender bridesmaid dresses ukhigh heels and flowers for pairing lavender bridesmaid dresses

short lavender bridesmaid dresses uk

high heels and flowers for pairing lavender bridesmaid dresses

Click for the Short Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses KSP140

Autumn and Winter

In autumn and winter, worm is very important. Long dress and cappa is a good friend.

strapless long bridesmaid dresses uk with lace waistline

Click for the long lace Lavender Bridesmaid Dress KSP150

white warm cape for winter wedding party

lavender long bridesmaid dresses uk with wide straps

Click for the long wide straps Lavender Bridesmaid Dress KSP144

cappa for winter bridesmaid dresses


Selective Dresses to Make You the Best- Dressed at Fall Wedding

Sent out the RSVP out, bought the gift already, next is decide how to dress yourself to the fall wedding party, this deserved much more time.

dresses uk for fall wedding

What to wear depends on the wedding you attend, so think first, is the wedding in the city or in the country? Is it formal, semi-formal or just causal nuptials? Is it a garden wedding or beach wedding or a black-tie fete in a ballroom?

different style dresses for fall wedding

Option of dresses to embrace the cool weather, picking flowing lightweight fabric in full length; Flower print dresses and bold color dresses are also become popular this year. Wraps are good friends to defend temperature difference.

selective dresses uk for fall wedding

Here comes our favorite collection for you to the upcoming wedding celebration party:


Heading to a city wedding, you need sleek, sophisticated, and fashion-forward attire like long slim column gown for a dressier wedding or off-the-shoulder mini for a semi-formal one. A fashion jumpsuit will be an amazing idea too;

dresses up for a city wedding

Click for the Red Sexy Off Shoulder Formal Dress

For Beach Nuptials, think effortless silhouettes in material of chiffon and lace or cotton. Don’t forget a eye-catching jewelry for twist;

dresses uk for beach wedding party

Click for the Cut Out Lace Short Party Dresses

A Garden Party calls for floral print or dress with sweet details like flirty ruffles or drop waist;

dresses uk for garden wedding

Click for the Ruffled Short Black Dresses

A Ballroom Fete which called black-tie wedding, elegance showed everywhere and every detail. A formal gown with special details will be the ideal choice. Consider chiffon formal dress to avoid sweat all over that is not connected with elegance: -)

formal dresses uk for ballroom fete

Click for the Left Black / Middle Red/ Right Peacock


Gorgeous Dresses Collection for Farm Wedding

Farm wedding is natural and earthy; it is one of the best ways to keep touch with nature. The atmosphere of farm wedding is relax and happy. Then do you know how to dress up yourself for a farm wedding? No matter you are brides, bridesmaids or just wedding guests, it is important to dress matching the wedding theme farm.

dresses for farm wedding

Wedding Dresses UK for farm wedding

wedding dresses for farm wedding wedding dresses uk for farm wedding

Bridesmaid Dresses UK for farm wedding

bridesmaid dresses uk for farm wedding

Click for the Left Bottom Bridesmaid Dresses

short bridesmaid dresses uk

Click for the Top Right Bridesmaid Dress Lace Bridesmaid Dress

Wedding Guest Dresses UK for farm wedding

farm wedding guest dresses uk

dresses for guest of farm wedding party

Click for the Ruched Wedding Guest Dress 

Cute Flower Girls’ Dresses UK for farm wedding

flower girls dresses uk


Short and Sweet Dresses Spotlight- Little White Dresses

LBD is always-appropriate dress for any special occasion so it is the necessary in every women’s closet. But thinking is it too dark and hot wear in summertime? A little white dress is way more versatile for spring, summer, autumn and winter, especially for summer season.

little black dress and little white dress

Are you thinking that little white dresses is too simple to a glam look? We can get answers from what celebrities wear on the red carpet.

little white dresses runways

celebrities in little white dresses

If worn in right way, little white dresses will look fabulously too, a favorite for both day wear and evening reception wear.

little white dress for causal and formal occasion

In general, the darker you are in skin tone, the darker shade of white will best suit you, meanwhile pale skin shades will look best in bright white shades.

little white palette dresses

If you want to make more of a statement, match up your little white dress with some bright colors: reds, blues, or pinks.

add statement to your little white dresses

Add some sparkle glamorous silver and gold accessories for a more modern look.

little white dresses with golden accessory

Pair up your little white dress with some black for more of a classy and sophisticated outfit.

little white dresses with black accessories

Other great way to make statement is to match patterns with your little white dress .

match little white dresses with patterns

LWD is perfect for Prom Party, Graduation Party, Homecoming Party,Romantic Rendezvous,Day Party Time, Cocktail Hour, Beach Babe and rehearsal dinner;there are countless options on the market that will match everyone’s personal taste and style. Find your fresh frock with the LWD to channel your girlish charm for a sweet-yet-sophisticated look.

white little dresses on kissprom

Click for the Left Little White Dress   /    Right Little White Dress


Dresses for Alice in Wonderland Party

No matter it is a wedding party or a costume ball party, Alice in Wonderland is a funny and imagination theme.

Alice in Wonderland themed party dresses uk

You can dress up yourself as any characters of Alice in Wonderland, the whimsical  Alice; The blue Caterpillar changed into buffer fly; The Cheshire Cat, cat of Duchess; The rude Mad Hatter; the violent Queen of Heart; the White Rabbit who always in hungry and the seeming cheerful White Queen.

characters of Alice in Wonderland

My aim of this blog to collect the dress can be worn to an Alice themed party. Now let’s find them together.

costume dresses in Alice in Wonderland

Dresses for Alice in Wonderland Themed costume ball party

dresses for alice in wonderland costume party

dresses of costume alice in wonderland parties

Dresses for Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding Party

wedding dresses for alice in wonderland

wedding dresses uk for alice in wonderland themed wedding

        Click for Lace Embroidery Dress                                  Click for Melon Red Ball Gown

bridesmaid dresses uk for alice in wonderland themed wedding

bridesmaid gowns uk for Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding

     Click for Lace Embroidery Dress                       Click for Melon Red Ball Gown


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